Ken Renshaw

? Crop Circles ?

In Wiltshire, England dozens of Crop Circles appear during summer nights. Who makes them? Why?

In this novel, Ken Renshaw gives answers.

An alien on another planet makes crop circles as a middle school science project as part of his Earthlings 1a course. The alien is amazed by how humans respond to the mysterious appearance of crop circles

Dave, a scientist, and his wife, Ravi, travel from Los Angeles to England to investigate crop circles. They talk to locals about the meaning of the crop circles. Dave is skeptical of people who give him scientific proof that aliens or other intelligences make the circles Ravi delighted when she finds Metaphysical explanations that circles are from the energy of the earth. Others give them proof that circles are man-made.

Before going to England, Dave and Ravi find a broken Mason jar in the desert that gives them channeled messages from the alien. They name the alien Mason and learn about each other’s worlds. Mason doesn’t reveal that he is making crop circles.

Dave and Ravi learn the ultimate lesson from the crop circles.
Autobiography of a Cambria House

I live in Cambria, a town on California’s Central Coast that has buildings that date from the 1860s. The house that is now the Cambria Historical Museum is one of the oldest buildings. The book, which includes 24 photos, is written in “first person-house.”

In the house’s own words:

“I am over a hundred and forty years old. I have many stories to tell. I will tell you my story, which in many ways is also the story of Cambria, and the stories about the people who lived in me.

I will describe the terror and destruction of the great fire of 1889 and how it changed Cambria. I have a great story of how Cambria reacted to the start of World War II and the torpedoing of an oil tanker off our shore.

I will relate how I was abandoned after my owners died, and how determined friends kept me from being torn down and replaced with a parking lot.

You can read about how delighted I was when the Cambria Historical Society bought and restored me.

Docents now tell my story to visitors from many lands.”
Love Story: In The Cloud

Love Story: In The Cloud, is a Sci-fi, legal thriller filled with romance, adventure and paranormal experiences.

Anyone who has a cell phone or PC has heard about the computing cloud where everything is stored. In this story Ken Renshaw reveals there is also a psychic cloud that connects us all. The psychic cloud is the science part of this sic-fi thriller.

This isnot a Harlequin-type love story. It about Dave, a logic-oriented attorney, and Tina, a metaphysically-oriented woman, who explore channeling, past lives, and ESP as their differences dissolve and they fall in love.

The story is about the paranormal. Dave and Tina meet aliens, trance channels, past-life therapists, and discover their ESP love connection that transcends space and time.

This is a legal thriller. Dave puts ESP on trial in a thrilling trial involving a psychic spy. A terrorist plots to murder Dave during the trial.

It’s also an adventure story about Dave piloting a sailplane. He takes Tina on a romantic flight above the clouds. Later, he soars across the Mojave Desert and into the Sierras in a thrilling flight.

The novel practically vibrates with the relentless activity of all these interconnected plot-threads moving to a highly satisfactory ending.

A Friendly Guide to How ESP Works (Kindle Version)

Most people can cite times where they or one of their friends have had startling ESP experiences. However, if they relate these experiences to people who are educated in logic or scientific fields they might be told that ESP has no scientific explanation andtheir belief in ESP is delusional. Ken Renshaw provides an easily understood scientific explanation on How ESP Works.

If you say you can “talk’”to your house and garden plants you may be considered some kind of nut case. Ken Renshaw explains how
communicating with plants can be explained by science.

You will be entertained by Ken Renshaw's light-hearted explanation of the subject.

The Yosemite Adventure of Spotty Bat

Ken Renshaw has always thought that Yosemite Valley is a grand exhibition of the mythical spirits of Earth, Fire, Water and Air in action, creating and renewing the Valley.

Ken Renshaw wrote this story of how Spotty Bat is transformed by these Spirits to show how we all can be changed by visiting the valley.

From the Midwest Book Review:
“The Yosemite Adventure of Spotty Bat is an allegorical fable for young readers ages eight and up.

Spotty, a rare bat, lives comfortably but is searching for something more. A mysterious and mystical crow teaches her the secret of soaring flight, and shows her the way to Yosemite Valley, where she meets the Spirits of Rock, Water, Air and Fire, which work tirelessly to shape the valley to the present day.

Absorbing the values of persistence and conviction from the spirits, Spotty undergoes a change within herself and learns that she has what it takes to be a leader and a teacher among her bat community. The charming pen drawings add a unique visual touch to this delightful story about fulfilling one's potential.

The Secret of Your Life Script

This book was a quest for Ken Renshaw. He had always wondered why, for most people, much the same thing happens everyday: same job, same people in their life, same problems, same activities.

Why are some very nice people unsuccessful in their jobs, and some sick, angry people wildly successful?

Ken Renshaw decided much of life is invisible life patterns, hidden secret life scripts. They are there, and you may not know much about it.

Ken Renshaw asked himself:
What are the scripts? Where did they come from? How can you change them?

Ken Renshaw wrote this book to show you how to unlock the hidden secrets of your life scripts. You can become the script author and editor and change your life.

Ken Renshaw added humor and the book is easy reading. Anyone who even lightly reads this book will undoubtedly identify attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors they want to change. Those who do the exercises will find personal change in their lives.

Science, Remote Viewing, and ESP

A few years ago, Ken Renshaw took a course in Remote Viewing from Rusell Targ, one of the pioneers in the field, at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. He was surprised at how easy it was to use ESP. His background as a scientist compelled him to develop a competent scientific theory of how it works.

Many people debunk psychic phenomena such as Remote Viewing and ESP because of a lack of scientific support. Many falsely attribute remote viewing and ESP to quantum mechanics. Ken Renshaw's book is the first to provide a complete theory of how Remote Viewing and ESP work in terms of Modern Physics and Biology.

The book explains everything in lay terms. Anyone with high school mathematics can understand the science behind the theory and why it works. Ken Renshaw's book has been praised by readers for presenting the subject in simple terms.