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About Ken Renshaw

Ken Renshaw made a lifelong study of recognizing the beliefs and patterns in peoples' lives. This led him to write a book,
"The Secret of Your Life Script" about how beliefs and life scripts make the same things happen to us over and over.

Then, Ken Renshaw tackled a really big belief. He'd always had certain secret psychic abilities and ESP (which were most useful in business). But he could never talk about these things in the presence of other scientists or engineers. Generally, they had strong beliefs against the validity of any phenomena that did not fit their scientific paradigms. So, Ken set out to create a scientific explanation of ESP phenomena. The product of all this thinking is Ken Renshaw's book,
"Science, Remote Viewing and ESP: Beyond Einstein's Horizon."

Ken made an updated and simplified version of that book in a Kindle format, "A Friendly Guide to ESP and Remote Viewing."

Ken Renshaw decided that we are entangled in a psychic web of life that can extend over past lives and space and time which can guide our everyday existence. He shows this in the novel
The Trial the Psychic Spy.

To learn about Ken's life before writing books there is visit this page.