Science Behind Remote Viewing and ESP: Modern Physics and Biology

This book presents a scientific theory of why Remote Viewing, ESP, and some other forms of psychic mind reading can work over any distance. It also explains how the psychic mind-to-mind communication, Remote Viewing and ESP are related to Biology and human physiology. It also shows why the low Alpha, Theta and Beta frequencies limit the speed at which sensory information can be obtained.

If you are interested in finding out if psychic spying, Remote Viewing, ESP and other forms of psychic mind reading are scientifically justified, you should read Ken Renshaw's book.

If you are planning to start studying any of the Remote Viewing, ESP or psychic improvement courses available online, you should read Ken Renshaw's book to have an understanding of the science and biology behind the practices or protocols. His book should help you understand why it works.

If you are a practicing psychic mind reader, Remote Viewer, or ESP practitioner, you will want to understand the concepts in Ken Renshaw's book to be able to explain them to clients in terms of Modern Physics and Biology.

If you believe the lie that quantum mechanics explains psychic phenomena, Remote Viewing and ESP, you should read Ken Renshaw's book.

Until recently, there was not a coherent theory of how and why psychic phenomena such as remote viewing and ESP worked. Scientific thinking was limited by Einstein's Horizon of space-time. This is as old-fashioned as thinking the world is flat. People who believe psychic phenomena of Remote Viewing and ESP are unscientific are like those who believe the word is flat.

Many people debunk psychic phenomena such as Remote Viewing and ESP because of the lack of scientific support. Many falsely attribute Remote viewing and ESP to quantum mechanics. Ken Renshaw's book is the first to provide a complete theory of how Remote Viewing and ESP work in terms of Modern Physics and Biology.

Although the scientific concepts behind the psychic phenomena of Remote Viewing and ESP involve higher mathematics, the book explains everything in lay terms. Anyone with high school mathematics can understand the science behind the theory and why it works. Ken Renshaw's book has been praised by readers for presenting the subject in simple terms.

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Entanglement in quantum mechanics has been a mystery to physicists for many years.
Entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances. For instance, one photon of an entangled pair may be sent through a fiber-optic cable to another country. If the polarization of that traveling photon is changed, the polarization of the second stay-at-home entangled photon immediately changes. There is no known way for the two photons to instantaneously communicate that change. The phenomenon so riled Albert Einstein he called it "spooky action at a distance."

Many authors appropriated the idea of entanglement as an explanation of remote viewing and ESP. They reasoned: "the phenomenon has been demonstrated on the atomic scale, therefore, it explains how there can be psychic mind-to-mind communication in remote viewing and ESP."

"Folk" quantum mechanics authors often take the ideas of
Ancient Greek Philosophy, Buddhism and other eastern beliefs such as "All is One." and state, "Quantum mechanics tells us that 'all is one,' we are all connected."

In the book the author describes this belief of "folk" quantum mechanics. People who use "folk" quantum mechanics to explain psychic phenomena, remote viewing and ESP rely on your lack of understanding of physics to get you to accept a false premise.

Quantum entanglement, psychic mind-to-mind communication, remote viewing and ESP are all very different manifestations of the underlying Minkowsky geometry. In the book, this geometry is explained in easy to understand terms. It makes the old idea that entanglement explains psychic mind-to-mind communication, remote viewing and ESP obsolete.

Read the book and learn why and how the psychic phenomena of remote viewing works. Then, you won't have to fake it and tell people it's because of quantum mechanics.

If you are interested in the author's technical explanation of quantum entanglement , see the page,
Why Quantum Entanglement Works.

ForeWord Clarion Review

"From an evolutionary standpoint, it is an advantage to have one's perceptions limited to the here and now," Ken Renshaw writes. In Science, Remote Viewing and ESP, Renshaw explains how space and time are a means of ensuring that everything doesn't happen at the same time or place.

Renshaw holds several patents on electronics products and worked as the chief scientist and marketing manager at a large corporation that manufactured communications satellites. He explains how Extra Sensory Phenomena (ESP) and remote viewing are scientifically possible.

"Remote viewing" should be more accurately called "remote experiencing," writes Renshaw, since viewers, "sense all the sensory data at a location, not only the visual information."

He also explains that ESP and remote viewing are typically scoffed at by many scientists because these phenomena can't be explained by Einstein's Theory of Relativity or current String Theory. However, he offers a detailed explanation of how ESP and remote viewing can exist within eight-dimensional Minkowsky space.

Herman Minkowsky, one of Einstein's professors at Zurich Polytechnic, proposed adding time as another dimension to Einstein's three-dimensional theory. Time would be considered an imaginary dimension, which Einstein didn't agree with. Minkowsky said that the four dimensions we can see are mechanical distances, while the other four dimensions are apparent distances. These dimensions are visualizations.

Renshaw explains apparent distance in this way: "If I ask you to visualize the Eiffel Tower, the apparent distance between you and the Eiffel Tower is decreased to whatever viewpoint you choose in your visualization. Unless you are in Europe, the mechanical distance is thousands of miles."

The book will be most interesting to those who are interested in physics, ESP, remote viewing, or strange phenomena. It can be hard to follow at times, such as when scientific theories are used to either prove or disprove ESP. Renshaw explains the concepts thoroughly, but the magnitude of complex theories and terminology sometimes detracts from the narrative flow.

While Renshaw presents his book as an unbiased look at ESP and remote viewing, he is clearly on the side of these phenomena. Renshaw partitions the text into the case against ESP and remote viewing, then the case for them. Though he uses sound logic in weighing both sides, the case against is a mere eighteen pages, while the case for is 132 pages long.

Though reality limits our perceptions to the here and now, Renshaw's book can open readers' minds to the possibilities of viewing other places and times.

Laura Munion


Governments have had psychic spies remote viewing for thirty years. Businesses hire consulting companies that provide tested and calibrated remote viewers that specialize in areas such as archeology, law enforcement, and exploration, Movie companies hire consultants to predict reception of new films. The people that sponsor these activities do it because selected remote viewers have a good track record of success. It works.

Many people have experience some sort of extrasensory perception. Movies and popular television shows portray psychics solving all sorts of problems. The belief that psychic phenomena exists is widespread. And yet, scientists say the phenomena is beyond the laws of science and beyond the laws of reason.

Ken Renshaw, a former Chief Scientist at a spacecraft manufacturing company, believes otherwise In this book, he reveals how he was a competent scientist who secretly used psychic abilities in dealing with other scientists in his organization. In the book he develops the scientific case that remote viewing and extrasensory perception fit perfectly within modern physics and biology paradigms.

The problem, says Renshaw, is that scientists who debunk remote viewing and extrasensory phenomena have scientific beliefs that are out of date. If you were taught your science in the last millennium, you were probably taught by people who received their scientific education ten or twenty years earlier. Their texts were written by people who were educated a generation before. Renshaw says believing in science as you were taught it in the last millennium is as obsolete as believing the world is flat.

In the book he gives the history of the US classified remote viewing program to introduce the idea that it might have a scientific validity. He them puts the idea of remote viewing on mock trial. He makes all of complicated scientific arguments easy to understand by a unscientific jury or lay audience.

He first presents the skeptics case, based on old science, that there is no validity to remote viewing. He explains how psychic phenomena cannot be explained by conventional physics and physiology. He presents the idea that physicist hold that quantum mechanics has nothing to do with remote viewing or ESP.

He then present a case that remote viewing and ESP are explainable by recent developments in physics. He explains how Einstein's development of theories was limited by his personal background and education to things he could visualize or describe with thought experiments. His horizon was limited to four dimensions.

Renshaw then presents the idea of eight dimensions based on the ideas of Einstein's math teacher, Minkowsky. Renshaw explains the concepts in terms anyone with a high school background in science can understand. He then shows how this eight-dimensional geometry explains how and why ESP and remote viewing can take place over long distances.

The author then explains the physiological functions that support remote viewing and ESP and describes how they limit the amount of ESP information transfer and accuracy. He describes experimental evidence that show simple organisms like yogurt and plants communicate with ESP.

Published academic research from this decade is described that experimentally proves that remote viewing works.

Finally, the author presents the metaphor of the mind acting like an internet browser and being able to browse through time and space.

In this illuminating book, Renshaw presents and teaches a new scientific paradigm that move psychic phenomena such as remote viewing and ESP from the realm of metaphysics to physics. He does so in an entertaining and easily understood way.

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