TheYosemite Adventure Of Spotty Bat

By Ken Renshaw

Illustrated by Robert "Rosey" Rosenthal

"A delightful story. I bought two more copies for my grandchildren."

"After seeing Yosemite through Spotty's eyes, I will never see Yosemite the same way. Now I see the ancient forces of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air at play."

An endearing book that is also a great educational tool. Wonderfully illustrated and hard to put down!"

"I highly recommend this book. It was just wonderful. I love everything about it: the story, the message, the illustrations, and the educational value."

"It has an inspiring message and wonderful illustrations. The story and illustrations gave me a whole new view of bats. It would be great for reading to children and grandchildren as well."

"There is magic in these pages. Let yourself soar with Spotty!"

The Story

In this allegory about a rare bat, Spotty is living a comfortable life, but yearns for more. She has an inner voice who continually advises her she is inferior and should not attempt anything out of the ordinary. A mystical crow appears and teaches Spotty the secret of soaring flight and leads her to Yosemite Valley. Here her high-flying soaring adventures introduce Spotty to the Spirits of Rock, Water, Air and Fire which are at work shaping the great granite valley. The crow shows her how the Spirits can teach her courage, persistence and conviction. She is transformed and becomes a leader of bats by teaching them soaring flight. She finds community and love.

The story soars on the metaphor of flight. Ultimately, this is a fable about seeking your individual purpose in life. It is a story of learning about using the forces outside of self to soar and explore life without struggle.

The book is a delight for adults as well as children. It educates readers about bats and presents a unique ecology lesson through the four Spirits.
Midwest Book Review

“The Yosemite Adventure of Spotty Bat is an allegorical fable
for young readers ages eight and up. Spotty, a rare bat, lives
comfortably but is searching for something more, when a
mysterious and mystical crow teaches her the secret of
soaring flight, and shows her the way to Yosemite Valley,
where she meets the Spirits of Rock, Water, Air and Fire,
who work tirelessly to shape the valley to the present day.
Absorbing the values of persistence and conviction from the
spirits, Spotty undergoes a change within herself and learns
that she has what it takes to be a leader and a teacher
among her bat community. The charming pen drawings
add a unique visual touch to this delightful story about
fulfilling one's potential.

“The charming pen drawings add
a unique visual touch to this delightful story
about fulfilling one's potential.

“This an excellent book for both
kids and adults about bats, flight, and the
spirituality and beauty of nature.”

Barnes & Nobel Reviewer

“...I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in bats,
Yosemite Valley, flight, and generally uplifting stories about
searching for and finding self-confidence and self-love
while opening the portal for sharing genuine love with
nature and others.”