A Friendly Guide to How ESP Works

Most people can cite times where they or one of their friends have had startling psychic or Extra Sensory Phenomena experiences. However, If they relate these experiences to people who have been educated in scientific fields they might be told that ESP has no scientific explanation and that a belief in ESP is delusional.

If you say you can experience the Extra Sensory Phenomena of “talking’” to your house and garden plants you may be considered some kind of nut case.

The critics are wrong because their scientific education is out of date.

In Ken Renshaw's book you are treated as though you are a juror in a trial of the validity of ESP, a juror who is not highly trained in science. The case for and against the validity is presented in a friendly way as it might be to a jury without more than a high school education in science. The remote viewing experience in the CIA’s cold war psychic spy program is prime evidence. Scientific experiments describing how plants and humans can relate complete the case.

You will be entertained by Ken Renshaw's light-hearted and easy to understand explanation of the subject.