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I live with the love of my life, Joyce, at the edge of a pine forest, overlooking the ocean, listening to the sound of the surf, in Cambria, California.

We are both active in community affairs of this small town.

I am a member of the Cambria Rough Writers Group.

I created websites for the Scarecrow Festival, the Cambria Great Kitchens Tour, and the docent walks on the
Fiscalini Ranch Preserve as part of my community involvement.
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I am a fifth generation Californian, raised by a pioneer family in a small San Joaquin Valley farming town called Hilmar.

When I was eleven years old, I saved up my newspaper route money bought an airplane ride, and took this picture of Hilmar.

Hilmar had a small high school with limited academic opportunities. I graduated from Modesto High school.
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I was always interested in sailing. By age 19, I was able to become a crewman on the 190 ft. schooner Goodwill. In this picture we are crossing the finish line in Hawaii, winning the 1953 Transpacific Yacht Race flying 22,000 square feet of sail.
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I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford in 1960. I worked my way through school working in the Radiophysics laboratory, studying the ionosphere, counting meteors. I led a scientific expedition in the North Atlantic to measure man-made aurora borealis.
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I became a Chief Scientist at Hughes Communications. In this video, two of my satellite projects are launched from the same flight of the Space Shuttle. These satellites started as eight-by-ten conceptual sketches on my desk and ended up as product lines. You can watch the video on YouTube Satellite Deployments.

I was also a pioneer advocate in developing the CDMA cell phone now used by the major carriers.
Qualcomm invented cell phone CDMA while working on a contract under me.
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My hobby was flying sailplanes. I set two California altitude records for the Standard Class of sailplane. An altitude of 29,000 feet is hard to get in an airplane without a motor.

I also completed the flying tasks for the International Aeronautics Federation Gold Badge with two diamonds.
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My wife, Joyce, spent over twenty-five years as an elementary classroom teacher before becoming Associate Director of the Getty Southern California Teachers Art Institute where she taught classroom teachers how to teach art.

I worked with her
at the Getty Summer Teachers Art Institute. We authored several books on the Getty method of teaching art in schools, including "Teaching Children The Love of Art."
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Yosemite has always been a special place for me because my great-grandfather was one of the pioneers of the valley. He was one of the four owners of the valley before it was made into a park.

I express my love for the Valley in "The Yosemite Adventure of Spotty Bat." The book combines an adventure story with basic background information about bats and the ecology of Yosemite Valley.

It is sold at the book store in Yosemite Valley.
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I love living in Cambria on the edge of a forest near the ocean.

This is a picture of a doe and her two fawns that live in our back yard. It is common to have to stop the car to allow deer to saunter down the street or a flock of wild turkeys to cross.

This environment is a great place to write!